Us, Them, We

img_2710India. Honduras. Italy. Nigeria. Haiti. These countries are all thought to be filled with poverty. Who knew it would exist in the US, one of the most developed countries, in our own society. Us.

Traveling has always been a pretty big part of my life. Watching all different aspects of people, I wondered how can I make the difference in the world? How can I help the unfortunate, the poor, the disadvantageous? Them.

Growing and joining student council, the one thing I’ve learned is that everyone can make a difference. We can help them. We can make a difference. A small change, a small effort makes a huge difference. Change starts close to hope. Student council has showed me to give the most effort, to go the extra mile and do it for a cause that I and we believe so dearly in. From sending an extra email for donations to going and actually doing hands on community service. It all counts.

Let’s change this way of thinking, of “us” and “them”. Let’s change it to we.

We as a society can reach heights. The top. Let’s reach our full potential. I hope to see you December 10th at Marbles with your biggest smile and your most passionate self. Your hopes that your community members will get a better life with the help of Urban Ministries. Urban Ministries has changed lives of 24,000 of the 100,000 in poverty in the Wake County area. You can make a difference. I encourage you to find out more about Urban Ministries. This wonderful organization that focuses on healthcare, women’s shelter and food . I encourage you to go and buy your Charity Ball ticket. I encourage you to find ways to help out the less fortunate in your community. I encourage you to motivate your friends and family and to inform them about these issues in our society. WE can make a difference. WE can make an impact. Let’s erase the line of “them” and “us” and make it a “we”.

Mallika Bhargava

Freshman Council Advisory Representative


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