11 Years Undefeated 


As Charity Ball season draws to a close, and all 65 members of student council are attempting to make that final push to reach our promising goal of $120k, I take a break from the chaos and sit back and think. Why did we not spend the 350+ hours of community service studying for our tests the next day? How does a group of high school students inspire an entire community to collaborate and join hands for a single cause eleven years in a row? How has one council remained undefeated in taking on seemingly impossible feats year after year? Passion.

For the past three years, in order to raise money for charity ball, I organize a Christmas concert with my quartet of Enloe students where the proceeds go to the charity we choose. All three years, this concert has been an astounding success. Raising $1000, $1500, and finally this year over $10,000. I ask myself, why is this event always so successful? And the only logical answer is my true and evident passion. When I talk about the charity and music we play in front of a hundred people, they see that I am not just asking them to donate because I want to make myself look good or am trying to put this down as another meaningless checkbox on my college applications. They realize that I am telling them about something which has a much deeper meaning than simply dollar bills and notes on a page. They realize that I am sharing the mission of Enloe Charity Ball that I truly believe in and am invested in, through my love of music. My passion is the sole reason why my concerts have been such a success. And Enloe Student Council’s passion towards our goal is the reason why I am confident we will surpass our goal this year. #AllinforUrbanMin.

Akul Narang

Junior Class Senator


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