Proud to be All In 

img_2703Many years ago, a few individuals with an immense passion for service and a strong drive to change the world joined together to create Urban Ministries. Nearly 35 years later, Urban Ministries has provided thousands of our community members with the food, healthcare, and shelter they so desperately need. Not only that, but Urban Ministries has supplied the love and support they need to truly get back on their feet. Seeing all that they’ve done, Enloe High School selected Urban Ministries as its beneficiary for this year’s Charity Ball. For the past few months, Enloe has worked tirelessly to be able to present a check of at least $120,000 to this wonderful organization.

But Urban Ministries has given just as much to Enloe High School as we have to them. Urban Ministries has taught us not to take anything for granted. A full refrigerator, reliable access to healthcare, a roof over our heads – these are things that thousands of Wake County residents lack that many of us have never lived without. Enloe’s collaboration with Urban Ministries has also revealed the importance of community, because without everyone’s unfailing dedication, those at Urban Ministries would have nowhere to go.

Most importantly, Urban Ministries has shown Enloe faculty and students the power that every single one of us has: the ability to transform someone’s life. Throughout this journey with Urban Ministries, I have learned that everything we offer, from kind words and a smile to pocket change or a few dollars, really touches the lives of those in our community. No contribution is too small, no effort is futile.

That’s why I’m proud to be #AllinforUrbanMin.

Keya Pothireddy

Sophomore Council Advisory Representative


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