A Reflection on Charity Ball Season

img_4168It’s the DAY BEFORE Charity Ball! I repeat–IT. IS. THE. DAY. BEFORE. CHARITY BALL!!!

My bedroom floor is currently littered with things I need to take to Marbles at 4:00 pm tomorrow to set up: a pitcher to serve drinks; a sombrero and a chalkboard for the photo booth; the big check that will read our total; and stuffed somewhere, at the bottom of a duffel bag, my clutch, heels, and dress for the event. I’ll be getting up at 10:00 am tomorrow, about three and a half hours before I usually wake up on Saturdays, in order to shower, put on my makeup, straighten my hair, and move all of this stuff from my bedroom floor to my car.

As I’m driving to Marbles, I know my mind is going to be scattered with thoughts of the entire Charity Ball process over the past six months. Exactly six months ago today, my four vice presidents and I visited Urban Ministries for the first time. After meeting the board, touring the facilities, and discussing the possibilities of a Charity Ball working with Urban Ministries, my Pres/VP and I stood in the parking lot, hugging and jumping up and down because we had just found the perfect charity to culminate a dozen years of service through Enloe Charity Ball. The six months following that were a blur. In August, we announced the charity selection to Student Council in person and immediately posted it on social media as well. In October, everyone on Student Council visited Urban Ministries, just like Pres/VP had, in order to better inspire them before our Fall Retreat the following weekend. Since Charity Ball season officially started, everyone– students and teachers, clubs and classes, Enloe and the greater community– has been getting involved in Charity Ball by volunteering at Urban Ministries, buying Charity Ball tickets, and selflessly donating money to those in need.

And all of this anticipation reaches its height TOMORROW. When I get there at 3:30 pm, everybody on Student Council will be rushing around trying to set up the drink bar, dessert room, photo booth, kitchen, donor banner, decorations, and coat check. At around 6:00 pm, some will leave to go to dinner with friends or dates while others will order pizza to Marbles and finish getting ready in the bathroom. We’ll be making sure every last detail is in place before attendees arrive at 7:00 pm.

Once Charity Ball officially starts, I’ll be floating from one area to the next making sure that everything is running smoothly, as I’m sure it will because of our tireless months of planning. I’ll socialize with friends and work a little but my mind will just be focused on 9:00 pm. I could not be more excited for 9:00 pm tomorrow: at this time, Pres/VP, our advisers, and board members from Urban Ministries will walk up the steps of Marbles, greeted by a hush descending over the crowd at the base of the stairs. After a few words of welcome, the cloth covering our big check will fall and our final total will be revealed. 9:00 pm is the moment that matters the most; this is when we’ll all be able to see the culmination of our past six months of tireless work.

With the presentation of our $120,000 check tomorrow, I have no doubt that at least a few tears will stream down my face. Although Charity Ball season will be over as of tomorrow night, our impact on our community will outlast these six months; hunger, homelessness, and healthcare insecurity will be alleviated a bit with that check and throughout Charity Ball season 2016, the most rewarding one I’ve ever been a part of, we have been advocating on behalf of the multitudes of impoverished Wake County residents and giving them hope. I thank each and every one of you for your support of Charity Ball this year, whether it be attending, donating, publicizing, or simply reading this post. $120,000 would not be attainable without every single person involved and I can’t wait to see all of you at Marbles tomorrow night.

Aarthi Kannan

Student Body President



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