Tracy’s Story

P1060495 - Copy.pngThis is my first time going through this. I was in a relationship. The person I was with decided to travel for their job and I didn’t want to state-hop. I had a job. It was a decent paying job. I was living in a Motel 6. Issues arose when I was paying for a cab back and forth to work and paying for the motel. It was expensive.

I don’t look at homelessness as I did before. Everyone thinks that being homeless is because people are lazy and just live on the street, but there are actually people who are just down on their luck. We don’t talk about it, we just go through it. We just want that fighting chance.

I’m the type of person that I don’t ask for a lot of help. I try to do what I can on my own. The Helen Wright Center, for me, it’s a stepping stone. With me not being in this situation before, you think people will look down on you, but they’re not like that here. It’s been a welcoming experience.

I always thought I wasn’t a people person. The ladies here can attest that I’m more than a people person.  Everyone looks at me as someone they can talk to. It’s taught me a lot about people in general. I’m out of my shell. I’m part of something.

I was in the overnight program — I just needed a chance. In two weeks I had a job. My temporary job is now a permanent job. In a year, I see myself in an apartment and getting back in school. In ten years I see myself out of school and doing something I’ve had my heart set on: working in the medical field.

To the Enloe High School students:  I’m impressed!  I didn’t know you were doing this – the Charity Ball to benefit Urban Ministries. Because of what’s going on in the world–what you’re doing is a really good thing. I don’t want you to give up. You are the hope of the future!


Client at Urban Ministries’ Helen Wright Center



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