Selfless Service

Over my past four years at Enloe High School, one event has always stood out.  By creating an atmosphere of generosity and for bringing the school and community together, with the goal of selfless service –  this event is the annual Charity Ball.  In my high school experience on student council I have had the opportunity to see behind the scenes the hard work and contribute to the tireless effort put forth by a body of purely young adults.

This past month, while planning and coordinating events and fundraisers to contribute to reaching our goal, the phrase, “Kids doing not kid things” was said, and it truly stuck out to me. I had assumed that fundraisers and charity events were characteristic of all high schools, but when I zoomed out and thought about the gravity and impact of what we were doing, I could not think of a single other group of young adults coming close to what we were planning, or had accomplished in years past. To raise over two hundred seventy two THOUSAND dollars in the name of charity over just my freshman, sophomore, and junior year is mind boggling.

Charity Ball has always held a special meaning for me, not only because it raises money for a deserving cause and benefits members of the community, but because it proves that children and young adults are more than capable of achieving amazing feats. Seeing and working with the leaders of tomorrow towards the goal of creating a better future is an opportunity that I am lucky to have.

Larkin Andreaus

Senior Council Advisory Representative


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