The Pursuit of Selflessness

“In the history of mankind, there has never been a people who’ve strived harder or done more than we Americans to help all who are truly in need.”

~President Ronald W. Reagan, 1984 Radio Address to the Nation

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. These three rights have defined American society for decades, and it’s what Thomas Jefferson defined as “inherent and inalienable” in his original draft of the Declaration of Independence. These sacred and undeniable rights have defined many generations of Americans, and the defense and promotion of these rights has inspired many to accept the call to serve others. Whether it be in the military, the community, or any other outlet of service, many Americans selflessly put down everything in their lives to help and defend those less fortunate than they are. Without a thought, many Americans consider it their duty to help those in need and uphold the rights every American is entitled to.

The Pursuit of Selflessness is the ability of many students throughout Enloe to put everything aside in their lives to help those less fortunate than they are. Many people today live in worlds unimaginable by our forefathers. The promised rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness have inadvertently been stripped from those who struggle day to day, wondering if they’ll find a shelter to sleep in for the night or whether or not they’ll find a meal. There are over 1.56 million homeless people in the United States, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that around 40,000 of them are veterans. Looking at these statistics makes you hope that it is an anomaly, and yet the sad truth is that many people, including veterans, are living on the streets because the problem of homelessness isn’t effectively being addressed. It’s appalling that so many of the great American heroes, many of which suffer from crippling mental illnesses, have been treated with such blatant disregard and condemned to the streets of a country that they once gave their lives for.

This year’s cause is a prime example of why Charity Ball is so crucial for our community. Many people in today’s world look at a problem and think that it is someone else’s responsibility. Either that or they look at a problem and can’t even comprehend how one person can make a difference in something so big. Homelessness is one of the biggest issues in the United States and many people can’t even fathom how this problem can be solved. Charity Ball shows just how many people accept the call to serve and selflessly give themselves to improving the lives of other people. By supporting the Raleigh/Wake Partnership, students at Enloe are restoring lives and giving people the chance to live a life our forefathers would be proud of. Never once has the phrase “I don’t think we can do it” been muttered by someone involved in Charity Ball because everyone knows that we cannot let the community down. Being apart of Charity Ball means committing yourself to many weeks of hard work because as citizens of this great country, we owe it to ourselves to help our neighbors when they’re in need.

I have been so blessed to be apart of a school that cares so much for the world around us. Every year I am amazed by the resilience and determination by many students at Enloe, they are outstanding citizens that deserve a lot more credit than they are given. As high schoolers, no one really thinks that you have the ability to make a difference, and Charity Ball is showing to the world that no matter who you are, you can make a difference in your community and the world. I am so proud of all the people who year after year answer the call to serve, and who always soar beyond the highest of expectations. Although I have never been in Student Council, I am so proud that I have been able to help out as much as I could during the last four years. In twenty or thirty years, we’ll look out on the world and see that the majority of people making a difference in the world started to sprout their roots right here at Enloe High School. Thank you, Student Council, for your tireless efforts to change the community around us.

Jack Collins

Secretary of Public Relations, Enloe Young Patriots Club



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