Big Moves

Ever since I was a little girl I always enjoyed being a part of groups working to make change. Students can be underestimated at times but anyone is capable of making change !

When I first joined student council I was amazed at how a group of students could raise so much money for a charity every year, and progressing each year at that was so astonishing to me.

Through the process of Canvassing, fundraising, spreading awareness, and volunteering Charity Ball is truly a gift. We have worked together to hit our goal, in these last few months to make change !

It’s crazy how we take the things we have for granted. Things not everyone has the privilege of having. One thing I take for granted is my safe home environment, did you know that 83% of homeless children are exposed to violence. And more than 800 men, women, and children in Raleigh alone have to go through the cold winter without shelter. These numbers and percentages add up ! We can help to make change !

This is not an easy process but being in a group where everyone is devoted and focused on raising the 150k for the Raleigh-Wake partnership to end homelessness we can do it !

Andreya Christopher

Freshmen Class President



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