“Beat It” is the name of a song released by Michael Jackson in 1983. In the song, Jackson pours out his feelings about how he can’t be held down and how he should beat anything that in his way so that he can prosper. When listening to this song, there is only one thing I can think of and it’s $150,000.

We set out to reach this goal back in October and by then I thought that December 9th was such a long time away. We’re 2 days away now. It’s amazing looking at the kind of work I’ve seen being put into this event from all angles and how we hard we dedicate ourselves to make sure we can raise that check on Saturday night. It wasn’t just about the fundraising either. The different experiences that we went through to get to this point were astonishing. Meeting new faces, helping out those less fortunate, and last, but not least, raising that $150,000. There were a many roadblocks in the way and different challenges, but nothing too tough for us to beat. This group of students that I work with inspires me to want to never be defeated, to always keep working, and to never give up. They inspire me to continue to give back and to be a better person.

I love the Charity Ball experience and encourage others to join our journey as we continue to reach new heights. Always remember what Michael Jackson said after we raise that check on Saturday, just beat it!

Richard Okoro

Sophomore Class President



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