Building with Purpose

Building with a purpose is something that I strive for everyday in my professional career. As a Project Manager with Gilbane Building Company, I have the pleasure of engaging with the Enloe Student Council as one of our Stakeholders for the Wake County Multi-Services Center Project. We at Gilbane are honored that Enloe has selected the Oak City Multi-Services Center for their partnership this year. The Oak City Multi-Services Center provides all services in location for individuals to get medical assistance, financial assistance and educational resources; along with meals, laundry and showering facilities.

The Oak City project is a special one for me as it provides resources for those most in need. Oak City is more than a building; it’s a chance for individuals to build their lives and future. I have especially been inspired by the passion and drive of the Enloe Student Council with their commitment to their fundraising efforts and their upcoming charity ball. I look forward to continued al work with Enloe and their leadership team.

Jeane Powers 

Project Manager Gilbane Building 



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