Everyday, I wonder what my purpose is. The mere 17 years I’ve been on this Earth haven’t been nearly enough time for me to figure out the true reason I am here.

Freshman and sophomore year, I’d see Student Council members put their heart and soul into Charity Ball. Some of these people were dear friends. It was so obvious that what they did lit their soul on fire. They were doing this because they 100% believed they were making a change and positive impact. Simply put, they had found their purpose.

At the tail end of my sophomore year, I made the best decision of my life: I joined Student Council. Suddenly, I wasn’t just witnessing 75+ student leaders striving to change my community. I became a student leader. As I was thrown into my first Charity Ball season last year, I caught the passion, fervor, and frenzy fostered in every one of my council members as we strived to raise $180,000 for the Raleigh/Wake Partnership, exceeding our goal by $30,000. Knowing that I was part of the team that was the largest private donor for the Oak City Outreach Center gave me a purpose.

Now, as my fellow Student Council members are intent on raising $200,000 for the Autism Society of North Carolina’s IGNITE Raleigh Center, I have found my purpose once more.

Tarini Ramesh

Executive Finance Officer


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