A Dream

I had a dream last night…

My dream was set to the night of Charity Ball. Not only was the event a huge hit throughout Enloe, but it was also a huge hit throughout Raleigh.
In my dream, we successfully made over two hundred thousands dollars for The Autism Society of North Carolina. Everyone in Marbles was enlightened and realized their purpose in Charity Ball and why we do it. Smiles filled the building at 9:05 after the check was revealed——
Charity Ball means more than anyone could have ever imagined. We cannot begin to process how much what we do means to other people in our community. After the check was revealed in my dream, different people that attend Ignite thanked the Enloe students for changing their lives. One man said, “It’s amazing to see how much students care about us, especially in our society today.” Impacting a life is more than just one night at Marbles. It lasts with someone eternally.
My dream showed me that Marbles Museum is definitely the place to be on December 8. From dancing, to desserts, to potentially giving out $200k. I don’t know about you, but Charity Ball is the only place I want to be at that night. Never forget your purpose and always remember to be alive with it.
Mirelle Mah’moud
Sophomore Class Senator

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