Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is a card game where you try to match a ‘red apple card’ which features a noun, to a ‘green apple card’ which features an adjective. The objective of the game is to find the best match between an adjective and a noun. Here are some examples to give you an idea of what a few rounds would look like.



expensive, important

A Dollar – Spend it wisely!

My Baby Blanket – I don’t care if it has holes!

Love & Marriage – First comes love, then comes marriage…



industrious, diligent, busy

Doctors – Over twenty years of education and they’re still “practicing” medicine?

Duct Tape – All-purpose, … all the time …

Erasers – Because everybody makes mistakes.



memorable, treasured

A Sunrise – “But he who kisses the joy as it flies/ Lives in eternity’s sunrise.” –William Blake

Fireworks – Bright, explosive displays often used for the 4th of July. Bang-Boom-Pop-Pop! Ohhh-Ahhh!

My Past – What’s past is past … unless you’re a politician …


This game has been played in my family ever since I can remember. Whether it be at holiday gatherings, summer beach trips, or birthday parties, Apples to Apples has been a game that brings my family together in laughter and joy. Amongst the bustle that high school brings, it has been a while since I have had the time to sit down and enjoy a game of Apples to Apples. This changed a few months ago when I visited the IGNITE Raleigh center for the first time. As I sat down at a table for the center’s weekly game night, I was surrounded by members of both IGNITE and Student Council, and my heart was full, full of a feeling that I had not experienced in a while. The joy and sense of community that I felt at that table were overwhelming as I began to see the mission of IGNITE in action.

The purpose of IGNITE is to support young adults with Autism after they graduate from high school. 1 in 3 young adults with autism has no paid job experience, college education, or technical training nearly 7 years after high school graduation. While IGNITE aims to close this gap by preparing its members with the skills they need to succeed on their own, they also provide a sense of community and family that acts as a support system for its members. From a young age I have been a volunteer with numerous special needs organizations that aim to support kids with autism, but unfortunately, these programs become rare once the kids have graduated from the public school system. IGNITE gives its members the opportunity to learn and grow in a way that no other program offers, which is why I could not be more excited about partnering with them for the 2018 Charity Ball.

Now, if you look back up at the beginning of this post, you will see the examples I gave of three Apples to Apples rounds. I chose these adjectives specifically as I believe that they truly describe Enloe Charity Ball and the impact it has had on me over the past four years.  



The mission of Enloe Charity Ball is not just to raise the monetary goal; it is to inspire student leaders and impact our communities. This type of organization is valuable in that is it teaches each student the value of service. Every student involved with Enloe Charity Ball is learning what it looks like to truly serve and be present in their community, which is a skill that will carry them through the rest of their lives. Not only does Charity Ball help non-profit organizations each year, but it also prepares students to step foot into the next chapter of their life with a new perspective. After witnessing and experiencing the impact of Charity Ball in myself and this community, I have a newly valued perspective on how to serve my community after I graduate.


I have never met a group of more hardworking students than the 83 that make up Enloe Student Council. There is never a single moment when I do not see a sense of passion and dedication from my classmates. Enloe Charity Ball is not only an effort of Student Council, but of the entire school and the community, which goes to show that the impact of this organization is wide!  The money we raise would simply not be possible without the hard work of every person involved. Being a part of this group of students has shown me what hard work truly is and how vital it is to have intention in everything you do.


I have been a part of Enloe Charity Ball since my freshman year, approximately 1165 days of being a part of such an incredible organization. Student Council has truly been one of the best parts of my high school experience. It is where I found my love for leadership and service, as well as where I found some of my best friends. 1165 days, 4 years, 4 different charities, $500,000. I would have never imagined that I would be doing this kind of work while in high school.  The memories that I have from volunteering at Learning Together in 2015, Urban Ministries in 2016, The Raleigh Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness in 2017, and this year IGNITE, will forever live in my mind. They will be the stories I tell my kids when I am reminiscing about high school. As I graduate this year, I will never forget the impact that both I was able to make in my community and that Charity Ball made on me.

This school. This organization. This work. Charity Ball has been one of the best experiences of my life.  

Abby Scarborough 

Executive Service Officer


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