Give it Your All

I’ve been playing the game I love which is football all of my young life. This game has provided me with so many opportunities that I’ve never thought possible. But, those opportunities didn’t come without a ton of hard work. Always working to get better, and be the best player I can possibly be. Instead of going out to hang with my friends or do other fun stuff I decided to work out and train. This didn’t bother me because I truly love the game of football and I wanted to give it all I had. This same effort I put into football is the same effort we as a Student Council put into Charity Ball. The Enloe Student council work tirelessly throughout the year because we love helping our community. During March when no one is thinking about Charity Ball we’re already narrowing down who will be the beneficiary for the upcoming year. We spend Friday nights happily caroling in the freezing cold instead of with our friends trying to raise money for Charity Ball. Simply because we love Charity Ball, and we love the people we are helping.I think this goes to show how much it truly means to us. How dedicated we are to Charity Ball. Charity Ball is our beginning and end and we’re willing to put all the effort needed to make it a success.

Hamilton Moore

Eagle Club President


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