My dad once told me, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak; no one pays attention to that. But when you do, that’s when you have the ability to cause change.” That idea has been how I’ve lived for seventeen years. I can only cause change if I speak.

There is so much in this world that is good, that I want to revel in and cherish. So I let myself soak in the happiness the world offers me, and I do that quietly. But for each thing in this world that brings joy, I can see something out there that brings sorrow. For all the good I see myself surrounded by, I can see that other people don’t have that. And I believe that’s wrong, that this state of things needs to change.

That’s why I’m a part of Enloe Charity Ball; everyone who works with us agrees that we need to change our world to be a better place. So we pick an issue to tackle, and then, we speak. We speak to our friends and our family, to our peers and to complete strangers. We speak to bond, to educate, to fundraise. We speak with purpose. 

This year, we speak with Southeast Raleigh Promise. Our goal is to end intergenerational poverty in the Southeast Raleigh area; when we do, we will be one step closer to a world where everyone is joyful.

Srivani Edupuganti 
Senior Class Senator


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