On this past Wednesday, October 30th, I have turned 18. When I woke up, there was no change — no sudden feeling of getting older or more mature. Friends and family congratulated me and asked the question, “How does it feel to be 18? Do you feel different?” I replied, “I don’t know” with a shrug and wondered what I was supposed to feel. To be 18, you get so many freedoms and responsibilities. Maturity and confidence are things that are supposed to come with becoming an adult. But why wasn’t I sure of any change?

As I continued to ponder, my friend Maddie asked me about volunteering at Southeast Raleigh Promise (SERP) together next week. I soon lit up with a smile and said, “Sure!”

Volunteering at SERP is a fantastic experience every time. Despite the rush hour traffic or countless college applications that I face, I am always excited to volunteer and am disappointed when I’m unable to go. The children there are always lively and kind to us, continuously eager to meet new people and make new friends. 

If you ask me: “How does it feel to be 18? Do you feel different?” I wouldn’t have a concise answer for you like the feeling of being 18 hasn’t impacted my life in any way. However, if you asked me: “How does it feel to be part of Charity Ball? Do you feel different?” I could respond with a bright, heartfelt answer.

I know now that throughout my years with Charity Ball, I have grown in my love for service. Seeing our impact gives me hope and motivation for what’s to come, and I know that my peers feel the same way. I have confidence in this year’s Charity Ball, and I know that it has impacted me these past four years to be a selfless advocate for my community.

Heidi Min 
Executive Council



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