Ever since sixth grade I’ve slowly become attached to Enloe Charity ball. My brother, Richard, was a freshman when he started working on Enloe Charity ball, and him raising money has shown me the broad impact Student Council has on the community. I was first exposed to ECB in 2016, when Enloe Student Council raised money for Urban Ministries, and I immediately fell in love with the idea of working hard for such a beneficial cause. Watching Richard volunteer every chance he had made me look forward to the chance to do the same once I became a 9th grader. Once, I complained for over 3 days asking him why I couldn’t volunteer with him. Looking back on it, it’s funny how he’s now the one asking me to volunteer whenever I’m free. Now that I’m here, I’m working as hard as possible to have the same he had for the past 3 years. It’s almost as if I’m part of a legacy, and that I’m up next to have an impact on Enloe Charity Ball.

I’m so glad that the first charity I’ll be raising money for Southeast Raleigh Promise. It aims to stop intergenerational poverty in Southeast Raleigh. It’s local presence reassures me that this money is going to a good cause, and that it’ll affect people that I personally know. It’s one of the most genuine charities I’ve seen, and it feels great to raise money for them.

I hope on December 7th we’ll be having fun at Enloe Charity Ball, and holding up that huge 200,000 dollar check. Until then, I’ll make sure that I work my hardest to raise money and have the greatest impact possible.

Jason Okoro  
Freshman Class President  


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