As I work with my team in planning a fundraiser, or going canvassing, or sending email upon email and making phone call after phone call, I know that I am doing the same activities that I usually conduct every charity ball season, but I can’t help but notice a recurring theme that I hear not only at all of our meetings, but outside in my every day life too. The theme of intention.

The beneficiary that was picked this year was very intentional. Southeast Raleigh Promise (SERP) is tackling a problem that has long been ignored and is very relevant to many of the students within our school. SERP is very intentional when it comes to picking the Rock Quarry corridor as a place to support. Moreover, I recently went to a religious service where we talked about having all the good intentions in everything that we do and pushing to be active in our community.

But when it comes to intention, there is something that is missing….ACTION!

Someone can say that they try to be generous but never put money aside to donate to those who are less fortunate. Someone can say that they will raise money to help the hungry, but never get as far as putting together a food drive or waking up at 6am to go serve food to the homeless. Someone could have all of the best intentions in the entire WORLD, but when it comes time to act upon it, they do nothing. 

This is one of the things that simply amazes me every day as I work with my fellow council members throughout the Enloe Charity Ball season. Every single one of these students is going farther than intention and taking action to do something real, to make a tangible impact that will bring a smile, feed somebody, and make someone’s voice heard. Every single person on Council has a purpose, intention, and most important of all the initiative to make a change where change is needed. This is what I love about Enloe.

That is Enloe Charity Ball.

Yaseen Echekki  
Junior Class President  


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