I’ve struggled with my role in Charity Ball for over two years now. It seems like most people just naturally make their way to the position they’re meant to be in. Noah with Space Jam. Roxie with kickball. Angela with stubo. All three of them work on critical parts of Charity Ball. They know what to do and they do it. They do it well. But what I do doesn’t hold the same value. Making banners? Okay, cool. Sure they’re pretty, but are they actually essential to the mission and the purpose of Enloe Charity Ball?

Am I making a change in my community or am I just painting? I haven’t ever planned a huge event or gotten a critical donation. Sure, I show up to meetings and events, but does that matter? If I wasn’t on council everything would still be the same. The volunteering would still be filled and the goal would still be reached.

Most people will tell you that Enloe Charity Ball is life changing, but honestly? I’ve felt unfulfilled.

Making a legitimate difference was  just out of my grasp and no matter how hard I strained, I couldn’t reach it. There was always more I could be doing, and just maybe if I did one more thing, it would all be okay. 

But this Saturday, as I sat on the rickety Christmas Parade Float in the pouring rain, surrounded by soaking kids carrying soggy 200k posters I realized something. It is not how impactful your work is to any of the huge milestones Enloe Charity Ball is known for. What matters is that you show up. 

You have to show up for the people you’ve made this commitment to. Not only for South East Raleigh Promise, but for your school, for your friends, and most importantly, for yourself. 

People who show up are the reason why Enloe Charity Ball works. It’s the people who show up to every event and every meeting. The people who want to be there no matter what. These people are the heart of Charity Ball. 

If you commit to and show up for what you love, your work always matters. 

Every greatco I ask myself ‘Isn’t there more I could be doing?’ And there always is. But that question no longer makes me question my past, current, and future impact on Enloe Charity Ball.

 It’s now a reflection on how much I love this organization and how much it has taught me. So I show up. I call my friends for a night of candlelight caroling and every lunch I present Maddie with elaborate fonts on Schroeder’s now paint stained carpet.

The more I show up, the more fulfilled I am. The more I see the value in my work, even if it is just banners.

So it’s okay that I haven’t received a huge corporation donation, that I haven’t executed an event. I know that with every banner Maddie and I make, a difference is being made. I am showing up because I love the work Charity Ball necessitates, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Kyra Grimes
Junior Class Senator 


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