I joined student council just one year ago. After flying through the first two years of my high school tenure, I never took it upon myself to join the growing initiative of Enloe Charity Ball. I made the decision to join the organization due to its platform of providing students with the ability to create concrete, feasible change within their immediate community. My desire to be a part of such an incredible initiative and give it my utmost effort served as the driving force within my campaign; however, I had no way of expecting the overwhelming sense of purpose and fulfillment Enloe Charity Ball would give me. I had no way of expecting my rapid transcendence from the benefactor to the beneficiary.

As a part of the student body, before joining the council, I lived under a preface of immutable certainty that, without fail, we would reach our fundraising goal every year. It was not until engaging directly with the fundraising effort that I took into account the massive commitment to perseverance and initiative each student must make, along with the gritty work that subsequently comes with it. Motivation to make this commitment, however, is never lacking.

Yes, Enloe Charity Ball opens a universe of multifaceted opportunities for its students to take advantage of; we begin writing our stories and paving our paths as the leaders of tomorrow. Rest assured, the experiences I have accrued will be applied to my future endeavors to foster positive change in the environments I step foot into, yet the promises I made are what fueled my transition to becoming the beneficiary. More specifically, to whom I made them. Each child that Southeast Raleigh Promise will be able to help due to our fundraising efforts constantly remain in my mind as the Charity Ball season continues. Each of my peers at Enloe that live under the restraints of intergenerational poverty, the systemic pressure they were born into, drive my yearning to meet our $200,000 goal. 

The sanctity of knowing that my efforts are paralleled in helping these individuals begin writing their own stories, open doors that I already had available to me, is what I know I will walk away with in a few short months upon graduation. Giving these individuals the opportunity to flourish is absolutely invaluable, and each of their stories is worth more to me than any amount we may raise. 

So what is Enloe Charity Ball? Who does it help? It is an entity of its own. It is its own living, breathing organism, and we are all the blood and tissue that compose it around its backbone of giving others purpose. Enloe Charity Ball, in my eyes, is not just our student council or student body. It is Southeast Raleigh Promise. It is every charity in the last fifteen years to have been chosen. It is a composition of our community. No one group or person benefits from it, and that is why the double-sided streamline of support that Enloe Charity Ball fosters is unparalleled across the world. 

Udai Virk 
Executive Council


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