Raleigh is a fast growing city. What were once low income neighborhoods are being torn apart and built into cookie cutter houses. While this may make Raleigh look more appealing to those moving into the area, many fail to recognize that this results in a large number of people being forced out of their once affordable homes. The citizens of South East Raleigh tend to be marginalized through the gentrification process, leaving their voices muted. 

Gentrification is a nearly inevitable process, but Southeast Raleigh Promise can ensure that the residents affected by gentrification are provided with affordable housing in a convenient location. Enloe Charity Ball not only supports Southeast Raleigh Promise’s mission to end intergenerational poverty but it also makes sure that all residents living in Raleigh feel as if their voice is heard. 

Throughout my four years of being a student council member, I have learned that Charity Ball is not just about the money, but about the impact we leave in our community. SERP is an organization that can help those who feel as if they have been overlooked because of the rapid changes in Southeast Raleigh.

With 5 days left and over 30,000 dollars to raise, we need contributions and support from all Wake County residents. It is time to invest in our community and create a feeling of unity in our city. It is time to fulfill #ourpromise to Southeast Raleigh Promise and help end the cycle of inter-generational poverty. 

Ella Cifaldi 
Executive Council 


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