Through my work with Enloe Charity Ball, I have learned tremendously about what community is and what a sense community is capable of doing. A community can be a group of students, a school, a neighborhood, a city, or a feeling. 

Over the 15 years of Enloe Charity Ball, students from Enloe are given the amazing opportunity to interact with various communities in the Raleigh area. This year when we selected Southeast Raleigh Promise as the beneficiary, we chose to become apart of their community. In doing so,  we have formed a bond with this beneficiary where we lift each other to new heights. 

Students at Southeast Raleigh Elementary are maturing us Charity Ballers as future-leaders, as friends, and as community members. Interacting with SERP’s beacon site has put the problem of intergenerational poverty into perspective for me. It has given me a purpose to work for the problem that is personal to my community. Inter-generational poverty will not interfere with the wellbeing of my community; thus, I have been motivated to give my all through fundraising initiatives leading 2B Wars, adding a penny to our coin drive, and buying a coffee in the West Gym Lobby. I am alive with purpose for my community.

Us Charity Ballers are growing these SE Elementary students as scholars, yoga-masters, chefs, hoopers, and even future-leaders. On both sides of the trade, the Enloe Charity Ball community has grown because of SERP and SERP has advanced because of Enloe Charity Ball’s initiatives.

This Saturday will not mark the end of our bond of our with SERP. The ball will commemorate our fundraising initiatives into 1 super fat check, it will promote future growth within our organizations. But most importantly, it will serve as an example of a community’s true power: to lift members to new heights, to enhance opportunities, and bring out the light in every individual.

Come out to Marbles Saturday night and be apart of a once-in-a-lifetime community that is Enloe Charity Ball.

Jacob Friend 
Finance Committee Officer 


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