Why wait to make a change when you have time today? Enloe Charity Ball goes live today @ 7 pm. This dance is the place to be on December 7th, 2019. Enloe High School is giving a check to SouthEast Raleigh Promise for 200K to end the cycle of intergenerational poverty for the inspiring families living in the Rock Quarry area.

Enloe Charity Ball utilizes a shared vision and a common goal to inspire and impact the Raleigh community. Charity Ball allows students at Enloe to express their talents and abilities to work together in an attempt to create a lifelong change where it is needed.

An important quote says “stop waiting for the right time, time isn’t waiting for you”. I urge you all to realize the importance of time and how every action can have a large impact. The longer we wait, the more children fall under the poverty line in Raleigh, and the longer it takes for changes to be made.

Every bit of spare change you donate to the coin drive, every minute spent volunteering with children at SouthEast Elementary, and every ounce of energy that you can give to these families can change lives. All of this starts when you decide to stop waiting and start now.

Mirelle Mah’moud
Service Committee Officer 


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