I had a surreal moment this past Thursday where everything seemed to click into place. The picture in front of me finally came together, four years in the making and full of tiny pieces of passion, people and purpose that suddenly and miraculously formed a full picture before my eyes. The key behind Enloe Charity Ball was right there in front of my face this whole time. Enloe Charity Ball will continue long after I am gone because of the amazing people that I have been privileged to work with this year. It is a living force that can only be taught through experience, and it is now my time to pass on what I have learned to those that are lucky enough to be a part of this amazing organization that has fundamentally altered my understanding of the world around me. 

The little moments I have experienced during my time with ECB amounted to more than just the check presentation. All of my experiences are all equally important, as it is the little efforts that form the whole picture. The 85 faces staring back at me this past Thursday at our Great Council meeting are some of the most humble, hardworking, and dedicated people I know, and I am privileged to call them my peers. They make up Enloe Charity Ball. Every tiny moment they have sacrificed this season mattered- and every second they spent getting $10 from their Uber driver and helping young students at Southeast Raleigh Elementary with their fractions has added up into an immeasurable force of good. This is the picture that came into my head that I now see clearly. These 85 faces are the reason that we were able to give away $207,000 to Southeast Raleigh Promise, and I cannot express how proud I am of their endless devotion. I am so thankful to have learned so much about the importance of the value of the little moments from my peers. SERP is allowing kids to be kids and they are changing the lives of students who are the future leaders of our community. SERP taught me when we support each other as a community, everyone will be lifted to success. Some of the students at SER Elementary may even go to Enloe someday- which makes it that much more important that we do our part as student leaders to support SERP. I now see the glorious masterpiece in front of me that is ECB- it is not always easy, but the collection of the little moments has created so much. I cried last night presenting the check not because of that moment, but because of the billion tiny ones that we achieved small victories before it. I know when I am gone the impact that ECB will continue. That is what makes us Alive With Purpose.  

Angela Lewis 
Student Body President 


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