Today, we are honoring Kevin Cao, ECB’s 2016 VP of Governing Procedures.  Due to COVID-19, the graduating class of 2020 was unable to experience traditional graduation celebrations and ceremonies. ECB interviewed each member of the 2016 senior leadership team to get a sense for how Enloe Charity Ball impacted their journey through college and how they will continue to be #AlivewithPurpose.

Kevin Cao Site.png

What position did you hold?

VP of Governing Procedures

What university are you graduating from? 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

What degree are you graduating with? Are you graduating with honors? Feel free to share GPA or honors designation. 

BS in Mathematics, BA in Economics, minor in Computer Science; Graduating Magna Cumme Laude; Morehead-Cain Scholar; Phillips Ambassadors Scholar

What’s your favorite ECB memory?

My favorite ECB memory was getting to know all of the wonderful organizations around our community, and then getting to see first-hand the kind of impact that we were having on the children of Learning Together.

How has ECB impacted your life? How has it influenced your next move after college?

I think ECB was an important experience in internalizing that I have the ability to make an impact and that every voice is significant. Especially in high school, I learned a lot about how organizing with people to achieve a shared goal is one of the most powerful ways to enact change.

What are your future plans career-wise?

I’m moving to Washington D.C. to become a product manager.

Do you have any advice for future ECB leaders? 

I think the best advice I can give is to find moments in your life to slow down and laugh. A lot of people in high school, myself included, worried about things to come in the future, i.e. will we reach our ECB goal, will I get into a good college/job, will I find perpetual happiness, etc. I feel that this can become a nagging source of stress that simply isn’t worth stressing over, and as a leader, it is always okay to take a step back and take time for yourself, for the benefit of the people you are serving and your own mental wellbeing.

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